The world's number one coffee sweets, made with the finest real Java coffee beans!

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Kopiko treats are available in the UK in two delicious flavours – original coffee and smooth, creamy cappuccino. Both varieties are sold in 90g packs containing around 30 sweets per pack. They are available to the trade in cases of 12.

The sweets are made with the real Java coffee - NOT artificial coffee flavour. Each sweet is individually wrapped for freshness and to seal in the rich, gorgeous taste.


  • Offers the intense flavour and aroma of the finest Java coffee.
  • 4-5 sweets contain the caffeine equivalent of a cup of espresso.


  • Smooth and creamy flavour, just like real cappuccino.
  • Contains around half the caffeine of the original coffee sweets.

The sweets are enjoyed by all consumers who love coffee, giving them very broad appeal. They’re perfect for giving a slight pick me up – just like a real cup of coffee!

Two delicious varieties, original Coffee and creamy Cappuccino.